Furniture Refinishing


Why Restore???  

The furniture you own, just inherited, or are thinking about refinishing or repairing is an important part of history. It’s probably made of better material (real woods and wood veneers) and was crafted to be durable and serviceable for many years. If you have bought new furniture in the last 20 years you have seen this is usually not the case. Most new furniture is made from ground paper and wood pulp with an ever thinning wood veneer and construction techniques that are questionable at best. Use of plastics is at an all time high. Although newer furniture is somewhat serviceable it can be more expensive to repair than your older quality constructed pieces. Good refinishing brings back vibrant original colors and showcases the wood under modern more durable coatings that offer beauty and protection. Quality structural and cosmetic repair can economically put a piece back in service that may have been otherwise discarded

Our teams of finishers are experienced in the application of most types of wood finishes. We can expertly match your existing finish or create something totally different to change the look of your furniture. In addition to traditional stains, we also offer glazes, antique effects, color washes, crackles and many other styles as well as solid color pigmented lacquers and varnishes.

For a fraction of the cost of purchasing new, we can refinish your existing furniture to its original luster in the color and finish that you specify. Our finishes meet and usually exceed the quality of the manufacturer's original finish.

We also provide our complete line of finishing services to new unfinished cabinetry and furniture. We can either pre-finish the items here at our shop prior to installation, or on-site after installation.

Wood furnishings need the special attention of a skilled craftsperson. Over the years, once beautiful, richly finished desks, chairs, and cabinets, can chip, crack, craze, and become dull. Our refinishing services can help maintain the beauty, durability, and value of your wood pieces.

Refinishing services include:
Stripping and sanding

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